Office environment drives success

Power of work culture

Work Culture at Mintware

We at Mintware are a close-knitted family of 14 people. We understand that we can grow better together by working as a team. We’ve learned that company culture is what makes the difference between success and failure. Here at Mintware, our employees are excited to come to work each day, where they feel valued and nurtured and not banging their heads on the steering wheel as they drive-in. We do know that happy workers are more resilient, they handle stress more effectively, bounce back from failures and relate better to co-workers.

Team Lunches

Even when we have lots of work pressure, at Mintware we do team lunches to refresh ourselves. A team lunch can be a great way to facilitate interactions outside of the work environment, giving everyone the chance to talk more freely and get to know their colleagues on a more personal level.


Taking employees for camping can be both adventurous and fun. Team-building camp retreats can identify and cultivate new skills, allow co-workers to open up to one another, and give everyone the chance to think outside the box.


We give certificates to our teams for the development of a better-trained workforce, promotion of safe work practices, ability to provide a qualification tool for hiring and advancement decisions, and enhancement of their company image with internal and external customers.


We at Mintware work as a team, therefore we encourage team building activities in our office. So on Saturdays, we switch things up at the office and try some new, fun team building activities at work.

The Team

Employee Name
Madhav Dutta


Employee Name
Arti Lawania

Exectuive Director

Employee Name
Millan Thakur

Exectuive Director

Employee Name
Manisha Singh

HR Manager

Employee Name
Charu Dhingra

Executive Content Developer

Employee Name
Niraj Kumar

Senior Software Developer

Employee Name
Indra Shekhar Jha

Project Manager

Employee Name
Saurabh Kumar

Executive Software Developer

Join our team

We are a small product-focused team, who listens and learns from our users, we like to move fast and iterate with their feedback.

Challenge Games

We allow teams to throw challenges at other teams. The challenges are fun and harmless but brew a sense of friendly mischief and competition between teams

Friendly sports match

We break the office into teams and organize a friendly match of cricket, basketball or volleyball. This is done at a local park near our company.

The Egg Drop

We provide teams with crafting supplies such as cotton balls, tape, newspaper, and cardboard. The teams must create an egg holder that will prevent the egg from being cracked when dropped from a height. The winning team is the team whose egg doesn’t break.

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