Let everzippy auto-webinars save you the light of the day Not only can you automate webinars as if it's LIVE, you can also share files directly during the webinar. Conduct Q&A session, enable live chat, monetize replay pages with PayPal, Zapier Integration, see live location of all the attendees, manage custom domain integration, streamline calendaring - Gmail, Outlook, iCal, remarket via notifications on email using in-built email funnel. Get Free Trial Demo Video
Features Your toolkit for
smooth evergreen webinars!
Choose Webinar Types
Live-Like Conduct real-time webinars live with an audience. Participants get the look and feel of participating in a live webinar, while it is your pre-recorded content that is being streamed.
Multiple-Times The same webinar can be conducted at multiple times that are pre-defined by you, and then communicated with your intended participants. This gives both you and them clarity & flexibility.
On-Demand Give your audience the flexibility to choose when they want to see the webinar - either instantly, or in a few minutes, or after a time pre-determined by the viewer themselves, given them full control
Recurring Set-up at once, all the sessions in advance in a series format. Everzippy is the only tool that allows you to pull-off a course of webinars online.
Automation Controls
Replay Pages Everything that you record either on meetzippy, hqwebinar or everzippy, gets automatically saved in a separate page full of your videos for replay and download options that you can always accessd later.
Simulated Chat Download the recorded chat history from your previous webinar and upload it to everzippy to run it the same way as before. New comments can be answered in real-time with autopilot.
Scheduling Pre-set the schedule of your live-like webinars on recurring basis or on selected dates. Use the timezone managing feature to keep it realistic and stream the webinar as per the viewers’ time zones.
Email Funnels Registered users can be sent emails ahead of the webinar for example a day, an hour, 30 minutes or 10 minutes before to maximized show up rates. You have full flexibility here.
Email Follow Ups Whether participants join and leave on time, don’t join at all, or join but leave early, each participant type can be sent individual follow-up email sequences, massively increasing your engagement rate.
Waiting Lounge If your viewers arrive before the scheduled time, they can wait in the waiting lounge and be shown videos or anything else you want them to engage with and they’re added to the webinar when it starts.
Simulated CTA Choose when you want to show your audience one or more calls-to-action during the webinar. These can be set with exact and predefined times so that they show up when they are most impactful.
Webinar Handouts Send out information as webinar handouts to your attendees prior to the webinar commencing so that they can prepare themselves in the best possible way to internalize your awesome content.
Webinar Tracking You can Pick any from the large pool of the pre-set templates or create your own landing pages such as thank you page, checkout page, countdown page, replay page etc. using the power editor.
Lead Generation Controls
Templates Choose from the large pool of done-for-you templates or create your own landing pages such as Thank You Page, Checkout page, Countdown timer page, Replay page etc. and customize these.
Registration The registration form templates are fully editable, giving you the possibility to add your logo and company name, add any fields you need to, and a lot more. Even API integrations are possible.
Mailers Built-in email templates and pre-setup features can be used to create and send email invitations, reminders, promotional offers and notifications pre or post the webinar. Emails can be sent dynamically.
Lead Collection Your webinars will run as per the frequency multiple times on autopilot but your signup list will be collated each time and thus, constantly building a subscription list for you automatically.
Social Media Webinar integrations with social media sites allows streaming across sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. Social media outreach grows your ability to drive registration to your events.
Host Controls Start and stop the webinar, promote an attendee to panelist, giving them audio and video capabilities, mute any panelist if required, disable panelists' video, remove any attendees and a lot more.
Brand Managing Controls
Brand Content You can personalize all your materials with your own name, logo, colors, fonts to make it consistent with your company’s branding. Everzippy gives you full customization options.
Add Multimedia Share files, upload slides or add videos within the webinar. Use the uploaded multimedia in your live-like webinars to maximize viewer engagement. You can decide which multimedia is shown when.
Attendee Count everzippy gives you full control to show the number of attendees you pre-set in the system to simulate an attendee number as per your preference. This feature as you like it to control viewer perception.
Polls & Surveys Create an interactive environment using polls & Surveys. These are launched, answered, and reviewed during a session and the same are collated and shared after the webinar ends.
Embed Pages Embed a webinar registration button on your own site. You can also embed registration forms to live webinars, series webinars, and hybrid webinars. Easily integrate with your existing pages.
Integrations Using the html code or the API key you can integrate any tool, system or app to setup your webinars. everzippy provides you a wide range of integration possibilities to integrate your favorite pass.
Optimization Controls
Split-Test Split-testing is a powerful way to check how your viewers are responding to your content. Everzippy gives you the possibility to test your webinar pages against each other so you can choose the winner.
Reuse Your Content You can turn any video downloaded from Meetzippy into an automated or evergreen webinar. The platforms seamlessly integrate with each other, making it super easy to reuse content.
Powerful Analytics Once your everzippy webinar is over, you can download detailed reports on registrations, attendee presence, dropouts, click rates, engagement, polls, Q&A in various formats such as csv or xslx.
Viewer Experience Influence buyer behavior by showing attendees that other people in the webinar room are making purchases. Set pop-up alerts to let them know others are buying. This encourages viewers to buy.
Cross-Platform Use Whether you're using a desktop, tablet or even a smartphone, you can broadcast your recordings as a webinar – with no software installation. Coming soon: everzippy app for your mobile.
Calendar Registrants can add your webinar to their Google, iCal, Yahoo, or Outlook calendars. Adding webinar dates to personal calendars is a powerful way of maximizing participation rates.

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