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Customization & Branding
Custom Domain You can connect your external domain as a custom domain to use in any of your funnels. For instance, instead of, you can use to give your pages a unique look.
Multilingual Capability Use this option to convert your site from English to your native language easily. This is great for those who are multilingual and don’t want to have to create their sites from scratch.
Sell Your Way Charge a one-time fee, sell a subscription, set up a payment plan, offer individual or bundled courses, or just give it away for free. It is entirely up to you to choose the way to sell your courses.
Product Creation coachzippy presents easy-to-use product creation tools for your online business, create your website, courses, add lectures to your courses, membership sites, quizzes and a lot more.
Data Ownership Own & control all of the content and student data from your schools. All the data and site content belong to you. coachzippy is 100% GDPR compliant so you’re always in control of your data.
Video Streaming With the built-in video streaming feature, you don’t need to go anywhere else with your videos. Analytics allow you to easily track your viewership metrics at any time.
Custom Themes Choose the right, fully-customizable theme for each of your courses or sites. With this you will not be selling just your content, but also the entire learning experience and aesthetics to your students.
Custom Forms Gather all kinds of information such as email, address, phone number, and more. Use forms with your landing pages, or use them on other pages in your site. These are simple to create and to set-up.
Community Building Let your users see updates for the course, community feedback, start & contribute to current discussions & comments. An amazing community helps its members help themselves.
Course Tools
Site Builder Create beautiful course pages in minutes. Create a teaching marketplace where your customers can buy your lectures and courses with a few clicks. Your sites are fully customizable.
Certification Issue assessments to test your students’ progress and identify improvement areas. Create custom-made certificates for course completion and thereby increase their professional credibility.
Drip Content Release your course videos on a pre-set schedule. Your students can watch the video content in periodic proportions which will maintain member retention and prevent overwhelm.
Coupons & Promos Give your current subscribers their own backdoor discount. Generate endless time-limited coupons for all your promotions so you can literally “force” people to buy.
Bulk Users Import Move your members over from your previous membership sites. All your members will be added to your new coachzippy account seamlessly in no time. No tedious transfer or account migration needed.
Student Insights See how any of your students are progressing at any time. By seeing where your students get stuck, you can optimize your courses for even better results, awesome feedback and even more revenue!
Site Navigation You can design your site exactly the way you want it to be. Decide what links go in the header and footer of your site. You can also link to other pages or funnels within your site or connect to externally hosted pages.
Comment Moderation See all the comments your users have posted in one centralized location. Reply to your users right on the same screen to make it easy to converse with your customers. Comments are great for engagement.
Conversion Pixels You can add your pixel or use the built-in conversion pixel helps you track the source & the visitor journey to the point of conversion for you to better understand how campaigns performed.
Funnels / Pipelines A great funnel is key to maximizing sales. You need flexibility in your funnels & pipelines. With coachzippy, you have all the funnel power you need to generate a ton of profit with total automation!
Events / Evergreen With the option of conducting webinars in coachzippy, you can schedule a number of evergreen events that will help bring you sales without you having to constantly work for it.
Email Broadcast Use the built-in Email Autoresponder to send email broadcasts to your prospects & clients to build relationships and engage your audience. No use of a 3rd party email provider needed.
Intuitive Dashboard
Leads Dashboard coachzippy provides student sign-ups and revenue across a defined time period on your leads dashboard. All your leads are captured in one place, making follow-ups super-easy!
Progress bar Both the students and the school owner can see how a student is interacting with the courses, resources, video views and completion. Tracking progress is great for both student and teacher alike.
Data reports Pull beautiful reports that show statistics of your course. If you ever plan to sell your online business, these reports provide all the validation the purchaser needs for due diligence.
Member Dashboard Viewing an individual member lets you easily see which products they’ve purchased, their payment history, how many times they’ve logged in, and more - valuable insights for maximizing sales.
Sorting & Filtering Filter out student details, course details, school details and average completion rates using any parameter – location, pricing package, account type and a lot more to get deep insights.
Revenue Data Export any report and information, contact and revenue data reports, instant updates, course-wise student signups and more such insights. These are key for driving growth.
Hosting & Integrations
App Integrations coachzippy integrates with a variety of apps, be it popular autoresponders, payment gateways. Also, the Zapier integration allows you to connect numerous other 3rd party apps with xfunnels.
Hosting You no longer need to pay a hosting provider to “host” all your files on their servers. coachzippy comes with hosting included to host all your pages & funnels on our fast CDN server
No Transaction Fees When you sell your Courses using the built-in payments in Coachzippy, we don't charge you a transaction fee. You can keep all the money you charge for your Courses.

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