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As marketers ourselves, we know an awesome affiliate program from a good one only too well. Which is how (and why) we created the mintware affiliate program.

We invite you to join thousands of our own users and other reputed affiliated who promote our world-class software products backed with awesome customer support as a member of one of the industry’s best affiliate programs.

Earn recurring commissions when you refer mintware products to your subscribers, customers, colleagues, followers, and friends.

Why the mintware affiliate program is right for you
  • Offer Quality & Value As an affiliate, your biggest motivation - other than the money, of course - is to provide high-quality offers to your customers for great value. That’s when they buy and stick with your offer. mintware products give you just that.
  • Transparency You get your own personal links from within your intuitive affiliate dashboard and you’ll always be able to see how your campaigns are doing. With these valuable insights, you’ll know how to target your campaigns with laser-focused precision.
  • Get Paid in Time The work you put in to make a successful referral needs to be honored with timely, quick and hassle-free payment. This is exactly what our fully automated payment processing system does for you so you get paid in time.
  • We Help You Promote One of the worst things as an affiliate is the feeling of being left alone with promoting products. Not with us, as we help you however we can to promote. In fact, we even teach you how to promote our products. So you’re covered.
  • Customer Care When you refer your customers and subscribers to us, know that they’re not just getting world-class products but also world-class customer support. We’ll be sure to take care of your referrals for you - no doubt about that!
The 4 steps to starting to mint with us.

1. Apply Signing up for the mintware affiliate program is free and easy. You’ll get access after you’ve been pre-approved by us to your own affiliate dashboard where you can access your affiliate links, track your campaigns and access affiliate training material that will help you promote.

2. Promote Reach out to your customers with your mintware referral links - be it through your mailing list, newsletters, blog posts, webinars - there are lots of cool and easy ways to do this. Use our promotional material and let our affiliate training guide you.

3. Mint For purchases made through your referrals, you get paid out 30% recurring commission from the purchase price, whether this is for one product or multiple ones. The payout threshold is $100 and our commission is paid out to you monthly through our payment system straight to your account.

4. Track When a visitor lands on our website after clicking on your unique referral links, we track them and their purchases they make for a period of 90 days. The purchases get attributed to you so you can get credited and paid out for them.
The mintware community rocks Be a part of a dynamic, growing community of our affiliates worldwide. The coolest part is that most of our affiliates are also users of our products - and they absolutely LOVE using our products. There’s no better way to make affiliate sales than to be convinced about what you are promoting yourself. If you have any questions about our affiliate program, we’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked

Hey there! It’s a pleasure to have you here and introduce ourselves briefly! mintware is a software & training company that provides customer outreach, engagement, and education products that help companies grow their customer bases.
mintware is proud to serve over 23,000 users worldwide, which use its software products to grow their business and maximize outreach to customers.

Mintware’s Products

This is an intuitive drag’n’drop funnel builder that helps users maximize their long-term customer value by using funnels in their sales process.

Imparting training & education on their products and services to customers, students and other user groups is central to most businesses’ success. This is an all-in-one knowledge commerce platform.

A shopping cart and eCommerce platform that allows customers to sell both digital and physical products with ease and also includes an automated affiliate system.

Webinars are by far the most powerful way of converting attendees to buyers, and to impart education and training online. This platform is a powerful and versatile webinar system that allows hosts and presenters to maximize outreach.

Evergreen, live-like webinars are the best way to scale outreach using webinars. This platform allows pre-recorded videos to be used for conducting webinars, including features like automated and simulated chats.

Conduct interactive video meetings online with ease and fully securely with this super-easy to use system. Whiteboards, screen sharing by multiple participants simultaneously and many other awesome features come with this system.

mintware suite
Call this the “keys to the kingdom”. The suite is a combination of all of the products listed above. Users of the mintware suite have access to all our seamlessly integrated products in a centralized dashboard with single sign-on.

Yes, all products including the mintware suite have 3 levels or tiers, with a level perfect for you depending on where your business and company is at in its development. The levels are Beginner, Entrepreneur and Start-up
The mintware affiliate program is probably one of the easiest ways for you to start earning commissions and build an entire business online alongside your other activities.
Whenever anyone buys a mintware product using your affiliate link, our automated affiliate systems track this and you get paid on a recurring basis. Your links are best shared on a variety of media such as your email subscriber lists, blog posts, using paid or free online ads, in webinars, just to name a few.
In short, this is an attractive, additional revenue stream for your business needing relatively low effort.
No, you do not have to be a customer of mintware products to be an affiliate. The truth is, though, that we’d love for you to be a user of mintware products yourself as our users turn out to be some of our best affiliates.
Not at all. Signing up for the mintware affiliate program is free and easy.
You get a flat, awesome and recurring 30% of the sales value for any sales made through your link.
You will get paid directly to your chosen payment method in your affiliate account by our automated system. You get paid out monthly. This is a pay-when-paid system, which means that only when your referral pays us, do we pay out the corresponding commission. There is a payment threshold to reduce the number of transactions for both and us.
All you need to do is to enter your details into the affiliate application form. You’ll get access after you’ve been pre-approved by us to your own affiliate dashboard where you can access your affiliate links, track your campaigns and access affiliate training material that will help you promote.
You can view the affiliate agreement and policies by visiting this link.
Absolutely! We’re happy to help. Just visit our Support Portal and select the category Affiliates while creating a ticket. It will reach our affiliate support directly. We’d love to hear from you.


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