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Mintware aims to take you a step closer to building your community by offering a myriad of seamless and ever-evolving automated software products designed to cut down on the time-lag to setup and track your online business. The goal is to equip our customers with the ready-to-use / plugin and play marketing tools in order to create an everlasting marketing experience and drive it towards success.

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Our software suite with its centralized dashboard empowers you with the essential tools you need and hands you the “keys to the kingdom”.

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Everything is clustered under one umbrella for quick and easy access to all the elements in the suite with just one set of credentials, also, keeping the domain and the associated products secured under one roof. Hence, making it easy to integrate without any hassle. All the products added newly to our suite will be introduced to you within the same portal. You no longer have to depend on notifications to get Mintware product updates, in fact, the newly added products will automatically appear as soon as you login to the centralised domain.

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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

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