A mint approach to let your business make noise

A mint approach to let your business make noise

At Mintware we believe in building a community where customer satisfaction is our priority which propels us to invest our time and assets in improving the efficiency, quality, and innovation of our products.

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Our Promises, backed by our founder's words
Mintware Founder

There's this notion that to grow a business, you have to be ruthless. But at Mintware, we know there's a better way to grow. One where what's good for the bottom line is also good for customers. We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul -and that they can do it with inbound. We believe your business deserves better software - software that’s ready to go, easy to setup and use, and requires minimal customization. All of our products live up to this promise and are backed by our world-class support. And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to get them working. We are fanatically enthusiastic about this and our central goal is to help individuals get it going.

Madhav D. Parashar Founder & CEO


Software suite that liberates your group to concentrate on what they excel at.

  • xFunnels xfunnels

    Drag n Drop Funnel Builder

    XFunnels is all-in-one marketing solution, designed to help businesses automate their sale process from start to finish. With Xfunnels, create websites, landing pages, opt-in pages and membership sites among other things.

  • zKart zkart

    An Ultimate Selling Platform

    All in one marketing software which is Revolution in an era of skill and server collaboration. Market all your products with '0' investment for inventory, warehousing and shipping.

  • xFunnels meetzippy

    Live meeting software

    All In One Video Software to host Live Video Meetings, Create Courses, Podcasts, Host Masterminds in minutes under any niche, make HD quality Video Call, record tutorials, Conduct meetings, share files and much more.

  • xFunnels hqwebinar

    Run an effective LIVE or Evergreen Webinar

    A ground-breaking cloud-based software to combine the power of a full suite marketing platform with the impact of both, conducting face-to-face LIVE interaction to connect with customers as well as automate engagement with Evergreen webinars.

  • xFunnels everzippy

    Put Your webinar on Autopilot

    Record a single webinar, schedule replays that people can watch any time and automate the signup process. This way you turn a single webinar into a lead generation strategy that works 365 days of the year.

  • xFunnels Coachzippy

    Online Learning Platform

    A universal marketplace for learning and giving training online

Our Baby Steps to Success

Our Baby Steps to Success
Start Journey
Mintware Ventures opens its doors

Mintware Team Launched beta version of its first product hqwebinar

With the launch of HQ Webinar and Mintware Ventures pooled in 7634 users

We launched xfunnel and celebrated company’s 8998 milestone

Mintware generated over $20,000 revenue with approx. 220+ sales for the ongoing Emails launch and also generated good sales for other JV partners.

Launched Beta version of meetzippy

The successful launch of meetZippy generated revenue of 157k dollars with in 7 days

In process of launching More Products

  • 2017 (Q1) Stone was Laid
  • 2018 (Q1) Launched our Beta version of HQ Webinar
  • 2018 (Q2) Launch of HQ Webinar and we pooled in 7634 users
  • 2018 (Q3) xfunnel was Launched we generated 8998 users
  • 2018 (Q4) Generated over $20,000 revenue with approx. 220+ sales for the ongoing Xmails launch and generated good sales for other JV partners.
  • 2019 (Q1) Launched Meetzippy Beta version
  • 2019 (Q2) MeetZippy was launched. 1860 License were sold and 157k dollars revenue was generated with in 7
  • 2019 (Q3) Launch of Zkart
Mintware Value
Mintware Value
Mintware Value
Mintware Values
  • Innovations Innovation

    The thirst to constantly improve leads us to never settle. Mintware, in order to introduce new ideas in the marketplace follow the principle of "innovation, not imitation." This is something Mintware follow to be a trend setter and introduce new products that consumers appreciate. Employees in our companies are encouraged to be dynamic and come up with innovative ideas that can translate into successful products within the company.

  • Transparent Customer Satisfaction

    Being genuine and transparent, both internally and externally, has always been our priority. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. As transparency increases, trust increases. Mintware believes in opening up the lines of communication and sharing. Mintware never withhold any information or pull back from others. We believe, the relation between Mintware and Mintware product users are not limited to the purchase of mere a product, its way beyound this!

  • Transparent Employee Engagement

    Mintware have Employee Enagagement as one of their core values to provide a dynamic platform to their employees, where they can explore their creativity and skills and further enhance themselves. While celebrating successes is an important thing, just sitting back and getting complacent over them is unacceptable for Mintware . We have always come up with the great ideas and amazing products whenever the Team is let free with the system handy and free time to explore.

  • Innovations Integrable

    Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It a personal choice of Mintware to uphold consistently moral and ethical standards since we believe that business should surround itself with people who care deeply about integrity. When this happens rope of trust tightens to be more stronger and everyone gets benefited - partners, customers and most importantly your entire employee base.

  • Innovations Accountable

    It is our duty to be accountable to the products we build and thus we reveal their consequences in a transparent manner. We believe in having a pre and post communication round with our customers so as to listen what they demand for and what they want to improve within the launched products. Our folks have always been responsible and accountable to provide the customers exactly what they seek for till they and us, both feel satisfied.

  • Innovations A trouble solver

    Business is our passion because coupled with passion is the ability to execute. We have got all the inspiration, commitment and the perseverance to be a true troubler solver. We ensure that your operation adequately solves a problem that our product users have, and we are able to find ways to fix issues or troubleshoot challenges within our own business. This could be anything from disfunction of product to resellers marketing chanllenges, cash flow or legal issues.

Business Milestones of Mintware

Here are some of our achievements that motivates us to develop better products for our users.

  • Generated $157k in 7 days after meetzippy
  • 12750+ Customers in 75 Countries
  • 5236 Facebook Followers
  • 700+ sales as an affiliate
Mintware is Centralised “home base”

Mintware provides centralised model for all the softwares within Mintware Suite.

Everything is bought up under one umbrella for quick and easy access to Mintware suite with one user ID and Password rather than as many as number of products. Centralization alleviates the need for all those extra credentials. It keeps single domain and associated products secured under one roof which is easy to access when needed and sort major hassle.

Also, with the centralised system, all the products added new to our suite will be introducted to you at the same one stop center. Thus, you no longer have to depend on notifications to get Mintware product's Updates, inspite you will view the newly added product as soon as you login to the centralised domain.

Hence this centralisation will also cut the time you spend to view the latest updates.

Mintware is Centralised home base

A fully integrated 360 Degree Platform with Complete Customer Engagement Experience

Customer Data Integration Customer Data Security

All the products of Mintware Suite are GDPR compliant and all the management of internal and external information associated to the product and product users are secured as per the norms of the company to ensure data security of our customers.

Domain Integration Domain Integration

Host your own domain name with Mintware suite for all your websites, pages & Funnels on our Fast CDN Server. Create a single domain and use it for all our products.

App Integration App Integration

Integrates various company-managed applications be it autoresponders or payment gateways together, including cloud-based and remote systems.

Customer Data Integration Dedicated Support

Well said, behind every business, there exist an amazing support team, we are right here. Mintware offers ther dedicated support team to answer each of your query and solve any of our users issues in the best possible way.

Don't take our word for it… Hear from our Customers
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